Flat Bed Towing (Rollbacks)

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Flat bed towing, AKA rollbacks (because the bed slides to the car) were also advertised as “Damage Free Towing” when they were first introduced.

Believe it or not, there was a time when 2 very large straps were used to hold the front end of your car in the air during towing procedures.  Then came the invention of painted and plastic bumpers and scratches during the tow.

With flat bed truck, the entire car is put on the back, winched up, no straps and therefore “Damage Free Towing”.

The name “Flat Bed” is self explanatory, but the name “Roll Back” may not be.  Most flat beds when they were first introduce, they would tilt to accommodate the driving up or winching up the car onto the bed.  When Roll Backs were introduced they were the first to actually move the bed to the car, nudge the front wheels.

Combining Flat Bed and Wheel Lift trucks, towing companies could now tow multiple vehicles in one trip and damage free on top of that.
We use a combination of both to safety tow your vehicle to your body shop or auto repair shop.

Wheel Lift Towing

Towing in Raleigh • Knightdale • Wendell • Zebulon • Garner • Smithfield • Big Mack Towing Recovery LLC
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Wheel lifts give the driver the ability to reach out and pick up a car, move it to a safer location for strapping.  In some cases, with the right models having remotes and cameras, the driver can even do it all without getting out of the truck.

Today's towing advancements make safely towing a vehicle standard practice.  What that means to you is “Your car is safer and damage free”.

Wheel lifts extend and grab the front wheels of your car, lifts them up in the air to be strapped down and buckled tightly.
The technology of wheel lifts has come along way, they are stronger and even more remote.  Controls can be managed inside the truck or outside the truck.

The combination of wheel lift and flatbed give the towing company the choice of towing multiple vehicle at the same time, making “Transport” operations more productive.

Long Distance Hauling in NC.

Towing in Raleigh • Knightdale • Wendell • Zebulon • Garner • Smithfield • Big Mack Towing Recovery LLC
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Long distance towing, over the road transportation is something else we do by demand. AKA long distance hauling cars, trucks, vans SUV.

Over the road transportation for clients who need a car delivered, moved or otherwise shipped over the road.
Call us for details.

Towing or transporting long distances has its own set of logistics not normally associated with regular towing services.

Junk Car Removal

Big Mack Towing & Recovery will pick up junk cars, abandon cars, running or non running junk cars, remove from premises and tow it away.

Not sure the details of an abandon car?
Call us to get information about having it removed.

The cost to remove a junk car depends on the type and the degree of degradation (how bad it is).  In some cases its free, in other cases their may be a fuel charge, in other cases their may be other charges depending on the circumstances.  It’s best to call ahead and get details before having a junk car towed or removed from a property.

Imagine if your neighbor thought your car was junk… Sometimes a little research is in order.

Fenced in Storage

Securely storing vehicle is a critical service towing company's must provide. It ensures the safety and security of your car after the towing process.

Sometimes you need to store your car after a tow.  Could be you’re waiting to find a repair shop to get you back on the road or you need a couple days for logistics on getting your car back.  Either way we have a safe secure storage lot.

There are many types of storage needs for customers having their cars towed.

  •   Inside Storage
  •   Outside Storage
  •   Storage within a Shelter (covered storage)
  •   Short Term Storage
  •   Long Term Storage
  •   Criminal Investigation Storage

Please let your wrecker driver know which one you need so he can make the right adjustments in your tow destination.  If your not sure, let us know what your plans are so we can recommend the storage service that best meets your needs.